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Only reduced weight and impressive appearance are expected from carbon gunstocks so far. It is not enough for us – all parts of arms should serve for the common purpose, and this purpose is precision. Such fundamental parameters as superb rigidity of the structure, its durability and torsion resistance, along with harmonious design and excellent ergonomics, are defining for us in designing and further manufacturing of the gunstocks

For batch production, product reproducibility and the parameters embedded in the product are very important factors. For this very reason, we selected carbon prepregs as raw materials and the technology of thermocompression moulding of monocoque structures. Raven Euro represents a new generation of carbon gunstocks designed to extend the possibilities of hunting rifles due to mechanical improvement of the shooting parameters.

We are pleased to introduce a new function of the arms, which is not only free of drawbacks inherent in wood and plastic, but has functional superiority over the modern

The internal space is filled with special compounds, due to which the balance, stability
and possibility to use the options are achieved.

Superiority of the materials:

• small weight
• water resistance
• high durability
• chemical resistance
• rigidity with torsion resistance
• dimensional stability within a wide range of temperatures
• resistance to scratches and impact loads
• impressive appearance